Arya: Modern kilims with recycled cotton
Asos: Washable and antished reversible kilims with jute look
Aztec: Washable, user friendly and antibacterial modern kilims

* up to 5 wash
Bodrum: Double sided modern and colourful kilims
Brooklyn: Modern and colorful decorative kilim
Buhari: Washable, antibacterial and water repellent machine made rugs with acrylic chenille and polyester
İnka: Washable, user-friendly, antibacteriel* and modern kilims

* up to 5 wash
Luna: Traditional designed rugs and kilims produced through print technique on 100% polyester fabric
Mia Cotton: Washable and Reversible Kilims with Cotton
Noa Kilim: Reversible and washable modern kilims
Palma : User-friendly modern rugs with cotton and polyester
Panama: User Friendy Cotton Kilims With Anti-Slip Backing
Patna: Washable jute styled kilims
Ruby: Washable colorful kilims with modern and traditional designs
Siesta: Produced with printed technique on to the %100 Polyester fabric 
For giving a hand made rug flexibility and weightiness, special weaved cotton kilims has used under the polyester fabric - backing is covered